How to Get Help on #Azure

With so many Azure services available, getting help on Azure can be a challenge. This article provides a handy at-a-glance list of links where you can get help on the various Azure topics.

Get Crash Diagnostics and User Metrics for .NET UWP App Using HockeyApp

HockeyApp helps developers to deliver and maintain successful UWP apps. While in the development phase, you can use HockeyApp to beta distribute your UWP apps to testers. Then, you can take advantage of the HockeySDK and start collecting crash reports for your UWP apps in development, as well as for apps already published to end users via the Store. HockeyApp also provides you with basic user metrics and custom events telemetry to help you understanding the adoption of your app and features. Join us to see how HockeyApp helps you build better UWP apps.